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petlyWhat is Petly?

As a client of Ohana Pet Hospital, we are pleased to offer you this FREE online service that is tailored specifically to provide you with your pet’s health and wellness information in one convenient online location.

Your personalized Petly page allows you to:

  • Request an appointment
  • See “What’s Next?” for your pet’s upcoming health care services
  • Keep up to date with vaccines and print proof of vaccination as needed
  • Request a prescription refill
  • Add your pet’s photo for a fully customized experience
  • Read current pet-related health articles from Petly’s Pet Health Network
  • Update your address and phone number – Ohana will be notified immediately

Sign Up Today. It’s FREE!

Simply give us your email address and we’ll send you an invitation. Then click on the link in that email invitation to set up your password. Return to Petly any time by clicking the green paw at the top of our website and enter your email and password.

Note: We will never provide or sell your email address to a third party. As a client of Ohana, however, you will receive health reminders from us via email as well as important pet health information via our monthly newsletter (you can always opt-out of this newsletter at any time).

Have more than one pet? No problem!

Upon signing into your personalized Petly page, you will notice next to your first pet’s picture, on the left-hand side, a “More Pets” tab. Hover over this and you’ll quickly see all of your pet’s currently under the care of Ohana Pet Hospital. Simply click on their name to go to those pet’s individual pages.

If you don’t see one of your pets in Petly that means they have not yet been in to see our veterinarians. Simply request an appointment using Petly and we’ll get all of your pets in and then appearing on the Petly site.

Ready to sign-up for this FREE service exclusively for Ohana Pet Hospital clients? Click here!