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Pharmacy Assistant


The Pharmacy Assistant (PA) position is a Veterinary Assistant role with an emphasis on the Pharmacy Department. The PA must possess excellent critical thinking/problem-solving skills, compassion, a positive attitude, communication, and teamwork skills. Multi-tasking and accepting constructive criticism are essential. Punctuality is a must. This job description does not necessarily cover every task or duty that might be assigned. There may be additional responsibilities assigned, as necessary. If you have questions or concerns about this job description, contact your direct manager. This is a non-exempt, at-will position.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Fill all doctor-approved prescription medications and double check from both refill requests entered into Cornerstone and the prescription refill voicemail box on the pharmacy phone. Both should be checked every 30-60 minutes to ensure client medication requests are filled in a timely manner and are accurately filled.
  2. When entering refills, research the appropriate doctor that the refill should go under, verify medication name, dosing, quantity requested, and check to see that there have not been any changes to the prescription (All patients must have a current exam within the last 12 months).
  3. For urgent refills. It is okay to ask the appropriate doctor for approval as long as the information and conditions from above are met. Asking for approval from a different doctor is okay if the main prescribing doctor is not in the office. In this case, when asking another doctor for approval, please provide the doctor with the relevant information required for filling (i.e. medication name, dosing, quantity requested, and a current exam).
  4. Follow up and call clients to let them know the status of a refill (Finished and ready for pick up, on back order, or will be in on xx day, etc.).
  5. Assist Veterinary Assistants in preparing post-procedure discharge notes and medications.
  6. Assist reception in taking transferred calls for refill requests.
  7. Use written protocol provided by Client Relations Manager and/or Dr. Nicci to fill pre-approved select flea and heartworm medications without having to obtain doctor approval.
  8. Assist in filling medications and double checking RX’s and medications/discharge notes for surgery patients.
  9. Make up new puppy and kitten information packs.
  10. Assist management in monitoring pharmacy inventory levels and add items to the order list as needed.
  11. Appropriate handling and logging of controlled substances.
  12. Be familiar with calling compound pharmacies and outside human pharmacies to do research on pricing, availability, and ordering of medications for both in hospital use and for client use.


  1. RX training program experience or license (preferred).
  2. High School Diploma or G.E.D. required.
  3. Must be able to safely lift 40 pounds unassisted or up to 150 pounds with 3-person assist.
  4. Must be able to be on your feet for the full duration of your shift and be able to properly restrain both large and small patients which often requires bending, crouching, squatting, leaning over, twisting, reaching, upper body strength, hand strength, sitting on the ground, and other physical demands. Must also be strong enough to withstand pulling of a large strong dog on a leash.
  5. Basic computer, math, and writing skills. Computer skills: Able to use Windows based computer systems, word processing, email, web search, and other skills needed to effectively use the practice management software.

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