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Senior Care

You are to be congratulated for your commitment to your pet’s lifelong journey. Now more than ever, your commitment takes on a more important role as your pet gracefully enters his or her senior years.

Continuing with regular wellness exams and adjusting your pet’s comprehensive preventative health plan for its advanced years will significantly increase its long term health and ongoing quality of life.

We recommend a senior wellness exam once a year.

This allows our veterinarians to be able to detect, treat and control any medical conditions as they arise and before they progress into more serious and advanced health issues.

Additionally, for our “senior patients,” our vet’s recommend annual comprehensive blood testing to help detect kidney and liver diseases, diabetes and thyroid imbalances.

Our Senior Wellness Exam Includes:

  • An in-depth consultation – review of medical history, changes in weight, appetite, water-intake and elimination, dietary and nutrition history, prescription medications and supplements, behavior, activity levels, and any indications of pain.
  • Thorough “nose-to-tail” exam with complete dental evaluation.
  • Comprehensive diagnostic testing annually – blood profile analysis, urinalysis, and thyroid hormone testing. Image tests using x-rays and ultrasounds are available as needed.

Please contact Ohana Pet Hospital today to schedule a Senior Wellness Exam for your pet.