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Energy Healing

Doris Muna, Energy Healer for Ohana Pet Hospital

Doris Muna, Energy Healer for Ohana Pet Hospital

Energy Healing is a “no touch” ancient art that works with your pet’s Chakras to spark the body’s ability to repair itself. This restorative therapy brings balance in the body promoting the natural healing process.

Doris Muna is a third generation healer specializing in animal energy healing.

Doris Muna has been practicing animal energy healing and communication for the past 20 years. Through Doris’ intuition and communication with animals, she is able to identify emotional blockages that often result in illness. She then removes these blockages to promote natural healing and overall better health.

Doris helps pet owners understand their pet’s behavioral patterns and identifies both physical and emotional challenges that the animal may be experiencing. She then applies energy healing techniques to aid in the recovery process.

For the convenience of our patients, Doris Muna holds appointments directly at Ohana Pet Hospital. To schedule an appointment please visit her website and call Doris directly at, 805-807-3097.