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EcoFriendly Practices

Ohana Pet Hospital is leading the way and sharing environmental stewardship practices every day.

The owner’s commitment to the environment was evident even before Ohana Pet Hospital’s doors open in December 2012. During building design and construction, our leadership team led by design consultant Cynthia Grier of EcoLogic Life, implemented green construction techniques including:

  • Zero emission paints
  • Natural and energy efficient lighting
  • Recycled glass countertops
  • Plant-based, Green Guard indoor air quality certified HVAC system
  • Recycled cabinet laminates
  • Low-flow toilets

Ohana continues its green commitment on a daily basis through environmentally sound operations such as:

  • Fully paperless record keeping
  • Purchasing only recycled-content office supplies and biodegradable pens
  • Use of refillable cleaning products procured through locally-based, The Refill Shoppe
  • Recycling throughout the practice, from cardboard, paper and cans to various grade medical plastics, syringe cases, suture packets, and fluid bags
  • Sponsor “Poo Free Park” stations in dog parks and at beaches to promote use of eco-friendly bags for waste removal
  • Participation in the “Blue Drapes Project” facilitated by the City of Ventura
    • The Blue Drapes Project allows veterinary hospitals to reuse blue surgical drapes from local hospitals that were sterilized and untouched by patients.

Ohana Pet Hospital’s efforts have been recognized by several local and statewide organizations. And their environmental stewardship continues as Dr. Jan Shinkawa and Jamie Gill, a staff member and driving force behind Ohana’s “green” efforts, continue their leadership in the Ventura Chamber of Commerce’s Green Task Force.

In 2014, the hospital was featured in the American Veterinary Medical Association’s newsletter (JAVMA News) for its eco-friendly practices. Read the article here.

We are proud that Ohana Pet Hospital is quickly becoming a model for “green” medical facilities and we look forward to sharing our techniques, specifically with other veterinary practices locally and nationwide.

If you would like to learn more about how you can be more eco-friendly with your business, please contact Jamie Gill, Ohana’s Green Expert at Jamie@ohanapethospital.com.